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Jerri Malone

TITLE: Adverse Childhood Experiences and Trauma in Elementary School Students: An Extensive Review of the Literature



This study is about urban educators, school administration, school counselors, parents, mental health professionals, mental health services, and communitites working together in a collaborative manner to support students that have been diagnosed and affected with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). While I was completing my thesis on ACEs and trauma I came across many studies that spoke about how important it would be for urban schools and urban educators to adopt trauma-informed practices in their schools. These trauma-informed practices consist of urban educators, school administrators, school counselors, parents, and community leaders to attend trauma-informed workshops. It is important for the parents and professionals to be well-informed about how traumatic events affect urban students and how ACEs inhibit learning. This study has brings attention and awareness to urban school systems that do not have trauma-informed practices in place for urban students who experience ACEs.  



Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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