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Allison Raney

TITLE:  An Investigation of the Impact of Weekly, Embedded Professional Development on Teachers’ Self-Efficacy

ABSTRACT:  This action research report investigates whether weekly, embedded professional development had an impact on teachers’ self-efficacy in the specific domains of Student Engagement, Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management. The study was done in an urban secondary school within a district’s pilot program of weekly professional development in the areas of Culturally Proficient Schooling, Trauma Informed Schooling and Restorative Practice. The aim of the study was to measure the impact on teacher self-efficacy and inform the district of how the pilot program is going. Using a survey, participants were asked to report on their efficacy levels in the three domains. A baseline score was collected prior to the professional development intervention and, after three professional development sessions, a second score was collected. Results show no overall significance in the intervention. However, results show a significance in the Instructional Strategies domain. Suggestions for further research include a longer time period for the intervention and research which includes a control group.

COMPLETED:  December 2019

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Author: Urban Teacher Program Manager
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