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Michaela McCoy

TITLE:  The Specific Racialized Experiences of Multiracial Students in American Schools, and the Impact of Those Experiences on Socioemotional and Academic Outcomes for Multiracial Students: An Extensive Literature Review

ABSTRACT:  Multiracial students (students who identify as two or more races) are a fast-growing yet under-researched population of students in American schools (Tutwiler, 2016). The experience of being multiracial can be uniquely difficult to navigate in contrast to a monoracial identity because of the social construct of race and racial hierarchies in America (Root, 1992). This results in a schooling experience for multiracial students that is unlike their monoracial peers and can have an impact on both the socioemotional development and academic success of multiracial students. This literature review will review the current scholarship surrounding multiracial identity development and the specific racialized experiences of multiracial students in American schools and how education intersects with the racial identity development process in multiracial students to produce positive and negative outcomes for socioemotional development and academic success.

COMPLETED:  May 2020

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